kybun Men's Caslano Navy Shoe

The kybun Caslano Navy M is a model from the 2017 spring collection and features the newly launched Cirrus sole. This sole has a new geometry that is even more comfortable to wear than previous kybun soles. As a result, even more men will be able to experience and enjoy the unique feeling of well-being when walking or standing. The kybun Caslano Navy goes well with many different styles and stands out with its casual look. The more adventurous can even wear the shoes with a suit. The mesh material combined with the leather inserts creates a slick contrast to the white shoelaces. The decorative seam, sipper closure and ky symbol imprinted in the leather add a stylish touch, giving the kybun Caslano Navy M a sporty look. Made in Switzerland. Sole: PU white, Cirrus- Low rebound. Wide Width.

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