kybun Unisex Jura Black Sandal

It is possible to adjust and extend the hook-and-loop fasteners, allowing the Jura Black Unisex to be adapted to many instep heights and forefront and heel conditions. The Jura Black Unisex improves on the Pado Black as the straps can be significantly adjusted. The adjustable straps allow us to accommodate customers with medical complaints (swollen feet, diabetes-related feet problems, bunions, hallux rigius, flat foot, ect) or particularly wide feet. The Jura Black Unisex also features a plastic clasp that makes opening and closing very easy. Made in Switzerland. Adjustable width. Velcro. Sole: PU Black, Sandal - High Rebound. For male customers, take the size listed and reduce by 2 full sizes as this style is listed in female sizes. Example: If there is a listed size 10, you will select a size 8. Female customers select size needed, no conversion needed. Enjoy the Jura!

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